What conflict does "Double Daddy" by Penny Parker deal with?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The conflict of “Double Daddy” is the difficulty of fathers to be balance home and work responsibilities.

The conflict discussed in this 1999 Denver Post article is summed up in the first sentence.

They struggle between the responsibilities of work and the needs of their families.

The article goes on to describe how dads today want to be there for their families, and be involved in their children’s lives.  Yet they also face the need or desire to fulfill the classic breadwinner role of the traditional father figure.  Parker states that “ Super Mom syndrome has jumped genders,” and while it used to be only working mothers that felt guilty if they were not there for homework, soccer games, and teacher conferences, now it is fathers as well.

These men do not always have the easiest road.  It is hard to be involved heavily at home and still have a high-powered corporate job because, as one of Parker’s sources said, “corporations have the expectation for men to put business over family.”

Yet some men are deciding that being there is more important than money, and more and more men are finding ways to make money and still make the soccer games.