What are the conflict, climax, and resolution in The Swiss  Family Robinson ?

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The Swiss Family Robinson is a story about a family that gets stranded on a remote island. They have to work together to make sure they survive. They grow to learn how to live on this island in peace and harmony.

The conflict of the story is the fact that the family has been caught in a storm while on a boat. They survive and end up stranded on a deserted island. They live on the island for many years and they have to face the struggles that face the family. They have to overcome many difficulties and learn to work together as a family. 

The climax of the story is after 3 years, the family finally starts to feel like the island is their home. They know where everything is that they need. They do what they have to do to survive and they have done that and now they see the island as theirs. 

We at length, when we had captured as many fish as we could possibly utilize, set about cleaning and preparing their flesh. Some we salted, some we dried like the herrings, some we treated like the tunny of the Mediterranean- we prepared them in oil. Of the roe of the sturgeon I decided to form caviare, the great Russian dish. I removed from it all the membranes by which it is surrounded, washed it in vinegar, salted it, pressed out all the moisture caused by the wet-absorbing properties of the salt, and packed it in small barrels.

The resolution is when the English ship comes and they family has to decide whether they are going to stay on the island or return to England. We know they end up staying on the island. The island has become their home, and they don't want to leave it. It has worked its way into their hearts and they have become a closer family. The island brought them together and that is where they are going to stay.

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