What is the conflict in chapter 6 of The Giver?

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The conflict in chapter 6 is an internal conflict that results from the upcoming Ceremony of Twelve, external character vs. society conflicts with characters who do not fit in .

On the surface, not much happens in this chapter.  However, this is an exposition-heavy chapter. What that means is that we learn a lot about the community in this chapter.  We are given extensive details about the rituals, and through Jonas’s reflection they foreshadow upcoming important events.

Jonas is concerned about the upcoming ceremony.  The Ceremony of Twelve is an important event in a child’s life in the community.  It is a time when the child starts to become an adult.  Jonas is nervous because he has no idea what assignment he will get.  As the ceremony draws nearer, he tries to focus on the other ceremonies, including his sister’s, but you can tell he is uneasy.  This is an internal conflict (character vs. self).  Internal conflicts arise from worry and fear within a character.

He was...

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