What is the conflict in the chaser?

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The conflict in "The Chaser" is not dramatized or described in the story. It is not an internal conflict of Alan Austen's. There is no conflict between him and the old man either. The conflict is a very serious one that is taking place entirely offstage. Alan is passionately in love with a girl named Diana--but Diana is not in love with him. This is an old, old story. Boy wants girl but girl doesn't want boy; or girl wants boy but boy doesn't want girl. It is a conflict because he is still pursuing her. Many of us have been through this type of experience--either as the pursuer or the pursued. Alan comes to the old man's shop out of desperation. Presumably he will win the conflict of wills once he has possession of the magic potion. The old man fully expects him to win but also expects him to regret that he won the girl. Perhaps there is a deeper meaning to this story. If the girl is so hard to get, maybe she has a real antipathy to Alan which will come out after they are married and cause a lot of discord. Maybe no means no!


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