What is the conflict in the book "Just Listen?  Is the conflict internal or external? Why?please be detailed and explain you answer.....the books name is Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

Expert Answers
goreadabook eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several conflicts in this book. The primary conflict is Annabel's inability to speak up which leads her to isolation and unhappiness. This would be an internal conflict since she is battling with herself and her own fears. She is unable to tell the truth about what happened to her at the party which causes her to become isolated from many of her friends and peers. She is unable to tell her mother that she wants to quit modeling which keeps her trapped in a lifestyle that makes her unhappy. She is also unable to tell Owen how she feels about him which keeps her at an emotional distance from someone she cares about.

There are also several minor conflicts such as her sister's battle with Anorexia (which is internal for that character, but external for Annabel)and the severed ties betweenshe and her best friend.

In the end, most of these conflicts are resolved and Annabel has become stronger and wiser for having gone through it all.