What is the conflict in Antigone?

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''Antigone'' by Sophocles, probably first performed around 442-441 BC, concerns that part oif the ''Oedipus'' story,after Eotocles and Polyneices have slain each other in their fight over the throne of Thebes. Antigone, born out of the unnatural union of Oedipus and his mother Jocasta is left, and her uncle Creon has come to the throne of Thebes. He orders that no oneĀ  is to bury the dead body of Polyneices as a 'humiliation'.

However, Antigone disobeys her unce-- and herein lies the Main or Central Conflict of this play: the conflict between (a) filial duty/loyalty to her uncle, also the king, and (b) common humanity, the simple desire as a human being to help or honor another human being -- she is also thus condemned to death for disobedience by Creon.

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