What is the conflict in The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights?

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When you say conflict, do you mean the role of King Arthur's noble knights?  Life was very violent and even the church recognized the need for fighting. King Arthur would need to fight to keep his kingdom safe from constant invasion.  The Knights of the Roundtable fought for Camelot, they fought for King and country.  

"More than ever, war was thought of as a glorious adventure, a way to acquire wealth, honor, and prestige (status) while fighting in the name of God and the church against those who did not accept God's word."

A knight lived by the code of chivalry, loyalty to the king unto their deaths, to defend the king, to protect the weak and underprivileged, to be true to his lady love, and to seek adventure.  Knights were champions of good, they were required to fight evil and injustice.

One of the other roles of the Knights was to seek the Holy Grail, which was literally interpreted in the Middle Ages to be the chalice, or cup that Jesus Christ used at the Last Supper.