What is the conflict in Chapter Twenty-eight in Memoirs of a Geisha?

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The conflict in Chapter 28 of Memoirs of a Geisha revolves around the arrents of Sayuri's danna General Tottori.  The second World War has started and many areas of the country are badly suffering.  Gion has managed to remain relatively prosperous because wealthy men continue to patronize the geisha in the area.  Sayuri's house is safe because her relationship with the general warrants such protection; however, General Tottori is arrested and can no longer provide support.  After Tottori's arrents, it is not long before the authorities come to the house to remove all of the luxuries from inside.  Rumors begin to spread that the geisha houses will all be shut down.  The geisha try to contact the men whom they know to get financial or other support.  So, Tottori's arrest is the main conflict in this chapter.