What conditions made the rise of the Sui and Tang dynasties possible?

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The Sui (581-618 C.E.) and Tang Dynasties (618-902 C.E.) rise to power was the result of the political, economic, and social policies each made during their reign. These policies  increased, strengthened, stabilized and consolidated their dynastic power.

The Siu Dynasty was responsible for the following:

1. the unification of northern and southern China

2. decreased the tensions between rival groups within the country

3. large building projects began (the Grand Canal and the expansion of the Great Wall) The result was an increase in their economy

4. the Equal Field System was introduced to amend the economic inequality between different groups of people

5. they standardized currency which led to a higher level of economic stability within the country

6. encouraged the spread of Buddhism to unite the many different cultures in China

The Tang Dynasty promoted similar actions to increase their power:

1. expanded their territory

2. continued to construct canals and roads which increased internal trade

3. organized a legal system

4. redistributed land to peasants in order to promote stability within the country

5. technological advances in printing, gunpowder, textiles

6. interacted with other cultures to promote political and economic relationships

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