What is the conclusion to the story Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

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There is not a "pat" answer to the conclusion of the novel.  Although all of the Logan's have an inner strength and have come through violent storms (both weather-related and emotional), the family knows that the troubles, like the rain, are cyclical.  T.J. in particular knows that though the beating and arrest are behind him, the problems of racism are sure to return again, like the wind, the dust, and the rain.  Still, the family, after their turbulent year, feels better equipped to deal with the problems that are sure to come their way. 

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At the end of this book, there is no clear cut resolution to the troubles of the Logan Family and T.J.  You can derive from the book that they have grown in their family loyalties and that they have acted as responsibily as possible during the crisis of the fire and T.J.'s near hanging.

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