Oliver Twist Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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What is a short summary of Oliver Twist's conclusion?

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All loose ends are tied up at the end of Oliver Twist, with every character receiving his or her just desserts.

Mr. Brownlow learns from Monks that Monks and Oliver are half-siblings, which causes Mr. Brownlow to force Monks to officially acknowledge this so Oliver may claim his inheritance. After this, Monks moves to America with half the inheritance allotted to him through Oliver's mercy, only to squander his money and die in jail. Mr. Brownlow adopts Oliver as his son.

Fagin is arrested and sentenced to hang for his crimes. He spends his last night in terror of death and the angry crowd out to watch him die.

Rose Maylie finds out her birth was legitimate after all, so she and Harry wed.

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Here is a summary of what happens to some of the characters at the end of the story:

Oliver: learns that he and Monks are half-brothers. Monks's father was in love with a girl named Agnes, who died giving birth to his child.

Rose: she thought she was unfit to marry Harry because of her illegitimate birth, but Brownlow tells her that she had a much older sister who died before she was born. That sister was Agnes, Oliver's birth mother. When Monks's mother found out about her husband's affair, she tracked down the family that had adopted Rose and made up a lie. Now Rose is Oliver's aunt, and she and Harry get married.

Harry: gives up his political ambitions and becomes a country preacher.

Brownlow: adopts Oliver as his son and settles down near Rose and Harry.

Nancy: murdered by Bill Sikes.

Fagin: sentenced to hang.

Fagin's gang: transpolrted out of England, probably to Australia.

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