What does the conch symbolize in Lord of the Flies?  

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The conch is a significant symbol in the novel that represents civilization, order, and rational thought. At the beginning of the story, Piggy and Ralph discover the conch in the lagoon, and Ralph proceeds to blow into it to call the other boys on the uninhabited tropical island. When the boys decide to vote for chief, the overwhelming majority of them vote for Ralph, simply because they are attracted to the beautiful, mystical conch that he is holding. One of the first rules that Ralph establishes involves the conch. The boys agree that whoever is holding the conch has the opportunity to speak without being interrupted. Therefore, the conch becomes a symbol of order and equality, which gives each of the boys a platform to express their opinions freely.

The boys also obey the conch whenever it is blown. Blowing the conch signifies that an assembly will be held, and all the boys must attend. The fact that the conch signifies an assembly highlights its relation to order and rational thought....

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