What concepts of "Good Times" are featured in the television show of the same name?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the show depicts how "Good Times" can be evident in the strength of the family.  Florida and James do their part to keep their family together, to provide them a realistic view of what life offers them, and how the family unit can be a source of strength.  The show displays how "Good Times" can be experienced even while being mindful of the socio- economic reality that is far from it.  I think that the show also reveled in being able to freely talk about issues of race, class, and gender openly and honestly and in doing so, "good times" emerge.  The notion of discourse and dialogue being its own intrinsic good is another avenue where "good times" can be seen.  While there are so many pressures on James, and then later on Florida who must guide the family on her own, the understanding that provides the hopes for "good times" is that the subjective reality can give a shelter from the harsh world.  This "haven in a heartless world" can provide "good times."  It is here where I think that the show was powerful on so many levels, specifically in that it sought to affirm its title through its narrative.

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