What is concept of  Woman work By Maya Angelou and can this poem tie into education?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The primary concept of “Woman Work” is the idea of that the social and cultural responsibilities of being a woman might have to be balanced with the construction of space that could be a “room of one’s own.” The Woolf reference is quite deliberate as she sought to create a “space” where women could construct and live in a realm that was separate and distinct from male patriarchal society. In much the same way, Angelou’s poem emerges. The opening stanza goes through the entire “laundry list” of what a typical woman must endure. The subsequent stanzas seek to construct a realm where a woman can hope to transcend this condition of imposed banality. It is not that Angelou presents anything wrong with what needs to be done in the first stanza, but rather she strives to develop a world that might be something in addition or choosing to be an alternative to it. The change in tone is a notable one in the next four stanzas. The call of “fall gently snowflakes” or “shine on me, sunshine” or “rain on me, rain” are all suggestions or hopes that there might be something other than what is there. I think that this poem can tie into education in a couple of ways. The first would be to display the woman’s predicament as one that balances what is and what can be. Both realms become vital in establishing and understand what it means to be a woman. Additionally, the call for a “space of one’s own” can be a transformative quality in education. It can be something where learning shows how one can transform reality or heed calls to do so, such as in stanzas after the first one.