What is the concept of style and stylistics in literature?

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Boiled down to its most basic definition, style refers to the way in which an author uses language in order to create the mood and meaning of a text. This could include his or her word choice, diction, syntax, repetition, any figurative language (such as metaphor, similes, personification, apostrophe, metonymy, synecdoche, and so forth), etc. Style mainly refers to what kind of language a writer is using, and it is used in discussions of literature.

Stylistics refers to a study of the devices used in language that affect one's interpretation of a text. One might investigate, say, the particular rhetorical devices used by an author as well as why he or she would have chosen a specific stylistic device for a specific purpose.

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"Style" refers to the set of techniques and types of language utilized by a writer to exhibit the unique personality and voice of their writing. Writers can use dialects in dialogue, alternate sentence lengths, or prioritize active or passive voice in the creation of their writing style. Style is important in analyzing literature as it can further convey the meaning of a text by emphasizing or subverting certain details, or show whether the text is expository, descriptive, persuasive, or narrative.

Stylistics is the study of texts according to their tone and style in the field of applied linguistics. It can be described as a combination of linguistics and literary criticism, because it scientifically studies language in the context of its function in literature. Stylistics examines the form and tone of texts to understand more about how people in a society utilize language.

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