What is the concept of language from TGG point of view ? TGG i.e Transformational Generative Grammar

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TGG is Noam Chomsky's theory of language. It posits that any language has a structure that can result in the transformation and generation of sentences by following a set of rules. Let's look at this sentence:

Cows eat grass.

According the transformative rules of English, we can transform this sentence in several ways. Here are some samples:

Grass is eaten by cows.

Don't cows eat grass?

Cows eat grass, don't they?

The cows are not eating grass.

Thus, we have transformed a three-word sentence. The generative part is about using the rules of grammar in a particular language to generate additional ideas. Let's look at the cows again:

Cows eat grass.

Here are some sentences that might be generated according the rules of English:

Cows eat grass in the meadow.

Cows eat grass by the stream in the meadow.

Cows eat grass, enjoying the taste.

Having just awakened, the cows go to the meadow and eat grass.

The cows of Farmer Brown eat grass.

Cows, which are singularly stupid animals, eat grass all day.

So you see, a simple three-word sentence can be transformed and generated in many different ways. Thinking about language in this way is often helpful in teaching composition and in helping ESOL students. There is a great deal more to Chomsky than this, and there are linguists who consider him to be wrong about many of his ideas. I hope this helps you. Good luck!

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