Explain the flaws in Animalism.

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To a great extent, the same flaws you will find in Marx's advocacy of socialism are going to be the same criticisms that can be made against Animalism.  One that Orwell makes fairly directly is that the premise of a government based on collective identity can be manipulated into becoming an oppressive regime.  Old Major's vision of Animalism as a entity that advocates for the larger good is something that becomes twisted under Napoleon's regime, whereby the majority of animals work for the betterment of the few and either don't know about it or are silenced if they do recognize it.  Another criticism against Animalism is that there is no refuge of the private, no check against the public should it become unrestrained.  Essentially, Animalism becomes a system whereby the animals give everything they have, like Boxer, to a larger element and nothing remains in the private.  This results in a lack of check or limitation to the encroaching nature of the public.  Again, Orwell makes it clear that what is seductively beautiful in theory has awful political implications in the realm of the real.  It is in this mode where I thin the at the most amount of critique against Animalism has validity and is a point that Orwell offers through his work.


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