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What is the concentration of hydrogen ions in 0.05 mole/dm^3 sulfuric acid? A) 0.025 g/dm^3 B) 0.05 g/dm^3 C) 0.10 g/dm^3 D) 2.0 g/dm^3

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In the absence of any information on the dissociation constant is assumed that all the sulfuric acid is dissociated to H+ ions and SO42- ions.

The concentration of sulfuric acid in the solution is 0.05 mole/dm^3.

Sulfuric dissociates as follows H2SO4 --> 2H+ + SO42-

Each atom of sulfuric acid gives 2 atoms of H+ ions. One mole of sulfuric acid gives 2 moles of H+ ions.

The concentration of hydrogen ions H+ in the solution with a concentration of sulfuric acid at 0.05 mole/dm^3 is equal to 0.05*2 = 0.1 mole/dm^3. As the mass of H+ is 1 g/mole, the concentration is the same in terms of g/dm^3

The required answer is option C, 0.1 g/dm^3

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