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Eckels visits the Time Safari company.  Time Safari Inc. is a company that allows hunters in the present tense to travel back in time and kill any animal they want.  It is a company that seeks to universalize the safari experience by breaking through the time/ space continuum.  The company "guarantees" encounters with dinosaurs, organisms that can be killed by hunters in the present because the dinosaurs that died out.  Since they have already been eliminated by evolution, it does not matter that they are killed by hunters on a safari.  

The Time Safari company is a reflection of a future in which technology has made anything and everything possible.  In typical Bradbury fashion, the implications of this technological advance are profound, though.  Eckels is warned that he is only to shoot when told and that he must stay on the designed path.  Any violations in these will result in not only "government imposed penalties and fines," but could permanently alter the composition of the future.  The delicate fabric of the time/ space continuum is something that serves as both a warning to humans and admonishment to the idea that human action does not have repercussions.

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