What are the complications caused by acute pancreatitis?

Expert Answers
coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Complications of acute pancreatitis can be very unpleasant. One problem is hyperglycaemia which is a high glucose (blood sugar) level. Then, the body can stop making insulin. Dangerous conditions arising from acute pancreatitis can include renal failure or failure of the respiratory system. In severe and  often fatal cases, all the organs will fail. In this case the rate of mortatlity can increase to thirty five per cent.

Patitents with the condition need to be kept in hospitals for treatment. There they will have to fast rigorously and will be given intravenous fluids. The condition can be very painful so they need to be given painkillers. They may have to have a tube put through the nose to the stomach for feeding and to stop them from vomiting. As the condition can be brought on by alcohol misuse it is probably best to avoid this unpleasant condition by living healthily.