What is the conflict of the book My Brother Sam Is Dead?

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mleafe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The book My Brother Sam Is Dead takes place during the Revolutionary War.  Since it is a historical fiction young adult novel, it is based on real places and historical themes, although the characters themselves are made up.  It is complicated in that Sam and his father each take a different side during the war.  Without giving away the ending, Sam's brother learns about the hard times of war and grows up learning about his father and brother's differences and similarities.  I think it is similar to the movie The Patriot in many ways.  If you have seen the movie, you will understand what I am saying when you see the struggle between Mel Gibson's character and his son, the war hero.

rudefemale14 | Student

in the book my brother sam is dead why did the business seem to be soing well but in the otherhand it wasn't?name at least three examples of the problem of supply and demand. on page 128-130 

rudefemale14 | Student

in the book my brother sam is dead what is the effect of not having father around the house to help out with the business on page 128?

littletwit | Student

Sam's family are all tories, but sam is a rebel(patriot) and nobody but the rebels agree with him   

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trwirth27 | Student


  there are lots of different answers to that Q.  some may be..........

Tim cant pick a side

Sam took brown bess (Life's Gun)

patriots took sam for a cattle thief

Life doesnt trust sam

life and tim rune into the cow-boys on their way to verplanks point, and on the way home, the captured life..........and he died

those are some answers 4 u, i hopped they helped!