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What comparisons and parallels can we draw to the social development that is happening today in connection with the COVID-19 or coronavirus outbreak?

There are so many ways to draw parallels and compare and contrast social developments with the coronavirus. You could look at how our homes and bedrooms have become much more than our personal space. They've turned into our offices and schools. You could also think about how COVID-19 has continued our reliance on screens. Lastly, you could discuss how the isolation brought upon by COVID-19 continues the trend of a fracturing and atomizing society.

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There are many ways to compare and contrast social developments with what is happening with coronavirus (also known as COVID-19).

One development to think about is the transformation of our personal space. What we think of as our home or bedroom is much more than that. It has also become our work space or our school. However, as Naomi Klein notes, our homes "were already turning into our never-off workplaces and [were] our primary entertainment venues before the pandemic."

Similarly, with people staying away from one another and...

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