What is the comparison between the Tucks and Winnie's family? I know what the differences are; I need to know how they are similar.

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The biggest similarity between the families is, in my opinion, their secluded natures. The Tucks, by nature, have to remain segregated from society lest anyone discover their immortality, and so they have a house far from any main roads and separated from most people. The Tuck family also rarely congregates, so as not to arouse suspicion.

The Foster family is also secluded and sheltered, but this is mainly for their own privacy. They don't want Winnie wandering off to far into the woods or going into town too often.

Additionally, both families have strong kinship ties—when Winnie goes missing, the Fosters agree to a hefty reward for her safe return. The Tucks, likewise, do everything they can to keep each other safe, going so far as killing the man in the yellow suit, breaking Mae out of prison, and fleeing the town as a unit.

The differences between the Tucks and the Fosters are more apparent than the similarities, but the two families are similar in some ways. Both families have four...

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