The Cossacks Questions and Answers
by Leo Tolstoy

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What is a comparison between The Great Gatsby and The Cossacks? How are the main characters alike? How are they different?

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The Great Gastby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, follows Nick Caraway, a young bonds salesman who meets the mysterious Jay Gatsby in the summer of 1922. Nick soon becomes entangled in the romantic pursuits of Gatsby, who he learns has come to West Egg in order to woo back his former love (and Nick's cousin), Daisy Buchanan, with lavish parties and an alluring, sumptuous lifestyle. Although Gatsby initially succeeds in attracting Daisy to him, he is ultimately abandoned by the fickle woman after a tragic car accident claims the life of Daisy's husband's mistress. Gatsby dies shortly thereafter... alone, despite his massive fortune. 

The Cossacks, by Leo Tolstoy , explores the pursuits of Olyenin, a Russian aristocrat who has grown tired of his empty, affluent life and who seeks out meaning as a junior officer in the Russian military. After being stationed in the Caucasus, home of the Cossacks, Olyenin finds himself falling in love with a young woman, Maryanka. After a tragic battle against a...

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