What is a comparison between French and English Gothic cathedrals? 

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As others have noted, French cathedrals put an emphasis on soaring height. To build the cathedrals as tall as they were without having the walls collapse, the French used flying buttresses. These look like a row of columns outside the main building, connected to the main building by arches at the top of each column that press into the wall of the main structure and help hold it up.

English Gothic cathedrals did not put such a great emphasis on soaring toward heaven. They achieved a taller height than Romanesque cathedrals, however, through the use of lancets. These are tall, narrow windows that look lances with a point at the top. The fact that they were made of glass rather than stone meant they were lighter, so buildings could go higher without collapsing. The glass was narrow enough that it would not collapse either.

Another important difference between French and English Gothic cathedrals is the relationship between the facade of the buildings and the interior. French cathedrals...

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