What is the comparison and contrast of royal marriages? I really need some help for a paper. I'm basically just asking what is the difference between how marriages were arranged in the 16th century and how are the arranged now. Also how and why are they different.

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I am assuming that by royal weddings you are speaking of modern royal weddings and royal wedding in the sixteenth century. There are several differences.

Royal weddings in the past were mostly political alliances and these alliances were incredibly important. We need to remember that in the sixteenth century, we are talking about a time when countries did not have presidents or prime ministers. Nations had kings, queens, princes, and the like. Within this world, marriages were strategic, because it dealt with great power.

Second, royal wedding in the sixteenth century were also for legitimate heir. Think of all the wives of Henry VIII and even his break with the Catholic church. It was to gain a heir to his throne.

Today, royal weddings are fun to watch, but not really too important from a political point of view. Real power, for example in England, comes from the Prime Minister and Parliament. Royal wedding now are more symbolic.

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