The Wall Questions and Answers
by Jean-Paul Sartre

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What comparison can you make between the wall by jean Paul Sartre and the guest by Albert Camus?

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Most readers would probably be struck by the calm, outwardly indifferent tone in which both of these stories are narrated. The existentialist point of view of Sartre and Camus is one of rejection of societal norms and traditional attitudes about life and death, and in some sense, the prose style of both conforms to this defiance of norms. At one point in Sartre's story the narrator, Ibbieta, remarks that "no life has value." But both authors are paradoxically implying that even if this is so, man takes on the responsibility of creating his own value system in a cosmos which otherwise would be meaningless.

In Camus's "The Guest" there is no reason Daru must let the Arab man go free, except that of simple...

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