What is the comparing and contrasting to The Lord of the flies and the jungle book for a essay

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handbooktoliterature eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am not sure of your exact question here, but I can give a general overview.

Both books deal with the idea of being civilized within the British Empire. In LOTF, a group of young English school boys who are used to operating within very structured society end up stranded on an island. As the novel moves forward, they seem to revert to a barbaric ugliness that is suggested to be a part of human nature. 

In JB, Mowgli's view is quite the opposite. He is raised within the laws and structure of the natural world, and it makes sense to him. Once he is introduced to the society of British colonialism, he sees a darkness and ugliness that seems unnatural. 

Other books to consider are Robinson Crusoe, Tarzan, and The Heart of Darkness.