What is the comparison of the Christian view and "secular humanist's" view with regard to a person's sexuality?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the core of these two beliefs is whether we (humans) have been given “directions” on what is right and what is wrong, in holy scripture and traditional interpretations, or whether we choose our actions based on logic or other human traits, and “good” and “bad” are simply determined on favorable or unfavorable outcomes.  The Golden Rule is probably the most benevolent governing principle.  Whether one follows an organized “named” religion or simply follows “Christian” (or Muslim, or Hindi) principles, the assumption is that there is another, higher “place” where we are punished or rewarded based on how well we follow the prescribed rules.  As for sexuality, Christians believe “normal” attraction and behaviors are prescribed in the Bible, and any deviations are “sinful.”  The secular humanists acknowledge a multi-lateral range of inclinations, driven not by choice but by physiology, hormones, chemicals, even DNA, and feel the only “choice” is the lifestyle one chooses (just as in heterosexual relationships).  It is an interesting distinction, because it gets to the core of what a human being is—a Darwinian product of evolution or a body holding a soul.  But the two views are not entirely exclusive.