Compare and contrast the three climate zones: tropical, temperate, and polar?  

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Our Earth is divided into three zones according to the temperature and precipitation conditions: tropical, polar and temperate. Tropical climatic zone lies (generally) between 30 degree North and 30 degree South latitudes. This zone is characterized by higher average temperatures (more than 18 degrees Celsius) and precipitation (70-100 inches per year), as compared to other climatic zones. Temperature variations are very moderate in this zone. Temperate climatic zone lies between the latitudes of 30 degree N and 60 degree N, and 30 degree S and 60 degree S. This region is characterized by moderate temperature and rainfall. There are regions with tropical climate that have large temperature variations between summer and winter and these variations could be as high as 25-30 degree Celsius. Polar climate zone is characterized by extremely low temperatures throughout the year. Most of the regions that experience polar climate are typically froze throughout the year and may have brief summer season.

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