What is comparative study?Comparison between novels of Raja Rao.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The notion of a "comparative study" might be viewed as comprising different elements according to different sources.  I think that, in this case, a comparative study refers to assessing the similarities between several of Raja  Rao's novels.  This can take several forms.  Perhaps, you would have to identify two or three of his novels and compare their literary style or technique.  What was the similarity in the way in which specific novels were written?  How was their technical composition in terms of style and form of writing similar?  Another form could be comparing the thematic elements of Raja Rao's novels and examining how they might be similar.  What ideas or themes seem to be repeated in and between his novels?  Perhaps another approach could be to identify and discuss the characters or protagonists in his novels and examine their qualities or traits.  How does Rao conceive of his characters?  Naturally, comparison is going to reside in finding similarities.  However, a strong method of comparison will be to explore areas of similarity and convergence as well as differences and divergence.  In doing this, one gains a greater scope of the writer and his works.

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