What comparable underlying themes are there in The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Metro 2033 by Dimirty Glukhovsky?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One shared theme between both works is the struggle for human survival.  In both works, the brilliance of humanity in terms of technology has led to an obliteration of life forms.  The basic premise of humanity in such a realm is the struggle for survival.  The thematic exploration of survival is seen in both.  Amidst this, I believe that the post- apocalyptic setting of barrenness and desolation leads to profound metaphysical questions of existence.  In a condition where survival is all that matters, there is an existential discussion in both of what constitutes being and consciousness.  For McCarthy, this takes the form of love between father and son.  While the struggle for life is evident, the bonds of devotion between father and son prove to be a compelling philosophical statement about how reality is constituted through solidarity with others and external connections with them.  For Glukhovsky, Artyom struggles with the issues surrounding life and death such as what forces compel one to live and another to perish?  In both works, a sense of the barren leads to a sense of the philosophically profound.