What is a company profile?What must I include in it?

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Any information about a company to inform public about the company and create required image of the company through the information. To create a feeling of the stable image of the company in the mind of the public , the establishment, location, development growth , product quality ,revenue turn over , profit and loss over sevral years since the inception may help. It can also serve as an advertisement or invitation for  the interested public to invest in the company.It can also have the motive   to impress the  public about the standard of the product in comparison with that of the others to compete in the market. The profile need not cover everything , but only such of the things it desires to highlight. It can also take the adventage presentation of its profile through the  media technolgy.

If the company wants to show itself as a losing company and impress like that it can highlight similarly about the difficulies of the production or service with an information abou the supporting turn over etc.

They can prepare their own format o f their profile which may inform about the items as below in discriptive or quatitative terms.



Number of Employees:

Number of products produced:

Quantum of service:

Revenue turn over (Annual or per day):

Cost (annual/per day):


Customer care activities:



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Company profile means the a concise description of a company as a whole. Depending on intended use of the profile and the available information, the length of the profile may be just one written paragraph or it may be a report of several pages. The profile may be made for a simple purpose like attracting people to join the company as employees, or it may be to attract another company as a major business partner.

Generally profiles are simple written reports, but these can also be more elaborate power point presentations or videos.

The following information may be included in a profile.

  • The basic information like name location.
  • The product range and the market segment served.
  • Promoters and top top management of the company.
  • Mission and vision statement of the company.
  • Corporate policies of the company
  • Major achievements of the company
  • Financial report on company. This will include balance, sheet, profit and loss accounts and some key performance ratios. The information may also cover past performance and future projections.
  • Major future expansion and diversification plans.
  • Major current and future challenges and opportunities faced .

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