What compacts has Rosalind/Ganymede made with the others? What one didn't we know about before? As You Like It Act 5 Scene 4.

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mbjohnse eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rosalind plans for many of the play's central characters to be married all on the same day. Celia (or Aliena) will marry Oliver, Rosalind will appear to marry Orlando, and Touchstone will marry Audrey. The final promise that gets revealed is a little more complicated. Phoebe wishes to marry Ganymede. Rosalind warns Silvius that he should not love such a woman, but she still helps him. She promises Phoebe that she (as Ganymede) will marry her, but adds the condition that if for some reason she is forced to reject Ganymede she must instead marry Silvius. When the play comes to a close, Rosalind fulfills her promise by appearing and revealing her identity. Since she is a woman, Phoebe must reject her and therefore marry Silvius. The rest of the characters all marry happily.

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