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In what ways are community services contributing to improving juvenile offender accountability?

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This is an important question, but one that cannot be answered very easily, because all communities differ. So, what one community does, another does not do. Moreover, each communities has its own pressing issues to work out. Hence, you will get many different answers. Let me tell you what my community is doing.

First, there are several non-profit organizations that offer big brother/big sister programs. A lot of the funding comes from the local corporations. The volunteers are interviewed, screened and asked for a one year commitment, where they meet with the child on a regular basis.

Second, there are also several after school programs set up by communities of faith to do basically the same thing. To spend time with children and to serve as role models.

Finally, some churches in my area offer summer camping and outdoor outings. They take children out of their surroundings and introduce them to the outdoors and show love.

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