What “community” did he find amidst the danger and how did the “community” help him?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am not sure that Enrique finds a "community" that helps him on the journey.  Nazario makes it very clear that one of the challenges that Enrique faces is that there are many who seek to take advantage of people like Enrique.  Gangsters control the tops of the railroad cars.  Corrupt police officers exist every step of the way, looking to deport people back for a price. The presence of gangs on the journey affords comfort to the immigrants who join them and intimidation to those who do not.  Rapings  and gang rapings of men and women are common, and the lengths to which some endure pain and witness suffering such as decapitations is startling. At the same time, immigrants who are struggling for survival  do not feature a solidarity amongst them because of the harrowing conditions and self- preservation.  There are more examples of human cruelty than human kindness. 

Enrique benefits from the seemingly random kindness of strangers who assist him.  Some do so because they are inspired by their faith and others assist out of sincere goodness.  This collection of individuals is not a "community."  A community indicates a consolidated and cohesive group of individuals.  Nazario is fairly direct in her argument that this is not present and that "kindness is uncommon."