Discuss the locations where the ritual sati was practiced.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In terms of where the ritual might still be practiced today in India, I think one has to look at the rural settings.  Cases of sati being practiced would be in the villages of India, where tradition and, sometimes, a lack of progressive thought attached to it are still evident.  In many of these settings, the conditions that caused the practice to be banned in the 1800s are still present and little has changed.  Given how globalization and information technology has really transformed the urban settings, one would be less likely to find examples of the practice in these contexts.  Additionally, access to education is largely greater in the urban settings, contributing to an overall acceptance of how the practice is both not applicable in the modern context and illegal.  As women gain greater equity in education access and opportunity, there is a lesser likelihood of the practice being socially sanctioned.  It is for this reason that one will find more instances of it in the rural settings, and not as much in the urban ones.

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