what is communicative approach in english langauge teaching. i want points in simple langauge, not essay  

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Communicative approach in English language teaching involves the following ,

  • language treated as a tool for expressing meaning not as interlocking sets of grammatical,lexical and phonological rules
  • meaning is emphasized over form,fluency over accuracy
  • CLT considers needs_based approach because it focused on communicative needs of learner
  • It is a learner -centered approach
  • CLT is realized by task-based language teaching(TBLT) .In TBLT language lessons are based on learning experiences that has a clear connection between things learners do in class and things learners will ultimately need to do outside of the classroom.

In CLT,learners acquring English language by interacting as a result ,two versions of communicative language teaching emerged

  • The weak version says teachers should teach the components of a language but include communication activities .


  • The strong version says since sts learn through interacting,lessons should consist of opportunities to communicate in English as the target language.


However, in order to communicate well in English language , we must make our selves understood by the people we are speaking with by we can not do that with out,

  • managing language components & being accurate

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