What is Communication and the Process of Communication? What are the Barriers and how can Managers deal with these barriers?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Communication is the process of being able to articulate visions, ideas, and concerns to an employee or to others, in general.  The process of communication can take on many forms.  There can be direct and spoken communication, or written correspondence, or even technological methods of conveying information.  Managers have to balance the demands with their preferred method of communication and also gauge which method garners the most amount of effectiveness.  Some are excellent with sending emails or notes about important elements, while others succeed at face to face communication.  The barriers to communication usually reside when a manager is not comfortable with a particular approach.  Understanding that communication is critical for any manager's success, perhaps repetition and continually striving for improvement could be a way in which individuals can become better at that where deficiencies might reside.