Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Common interest friends are people who are friends because of an interest they have.  Many people have common interest friends. Suppose you like to play chess and join a chess club.  You are likely to become friends with at least one or two other players, people you have met because you have chess in common as an interest.  If you play video games, you might have friends whom you met because of that common interest. On social networks such as Facebook, we sometimes make friends through a particular group that is based on a common interest.  Sometimes common interest friendships are somewhat limited because the only activity you participate in together involves a particular interest.  But sometimes, common interest friendships develop in other ways and become more well-rounded friendships.

It is good to have an understanding that different friends meet different needs in our lives.  We have school friendships, work friendships, and common interest friendships.  Some of our friends are people we grew up with. Some people we keep as friends, while others come and go, depending on our life circumstances and how we ourselves sometimes change.  I have friends that I love to discuss books with, but with whom I would never discuss a personal problem, while I have other friends with whom I would discuss a personal problem, but not necessarily talk about books.  Friendship is like any other kind of relationship in that we cannot expect one person to meet all of our needs.