What is the common discussion point in "A White Heron" by Sarah Orne Jewett?How does the story relate to her life?

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At the beginning of the story, Sylvia who is age 9, is living with her grandmother and she is trying to conform to the country style of life. She carries out physical chores for her grandmother, tending to Mistress Mooly, the cow. Sylvia becomes a country girl. One evening she runs into a hunter, who is in the area looking for birds to catch and stuff for his collection. This young man is searching in particular for the rare white heron.He goes home with Sylvia. Once there he states that he will award a lot of money to the one who can take him to the white heron. The next day Sylvia goes with the the hunter to search for the bird, but they cannot find it. Early the following morning, the girl goes out and looks for the bird by herself. She climbs the tallest tree in the woods to look out over everything and she finds the heron. But Sylvia is so impressed by nature--the heron and other wildlife-- that she will nopt tell the heron's location to the hunter. Sylvia knows that she would be given money that they need, for taking him to the heron. The hunter eventually leaves. As Sylvia grows older she broods over what she gave up that day. In the last paragraph the narrator asks nature to give up her secrets.

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