What is a common argument for this book? Is money really that important to make you lose track of what is morally right and can same be trusted? 

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dashiell Hammett had a lot of worldly experience. He had seen all kinds of people and had a pretty cynical attitude about human nature. His novel is realistic in the sense that his characters behave the way many people do in real life. Many people care nothing about morality and care everything about money. Spade is untrustworthy because he has learned that to be trusting is probably the worst mistake you can make in this life. He doesn't trust Brigid, but Brigid doesn't trust him either. She has done nothing but cause him trouble since she first came to his office. She would have tried to kill him that same night if Miles Archer hadn't volunteered to follow her and Thursby instead of Spade. The police and the D.A. are trying to pin a murder on Spade. He is trying to save his life. He can only do that by finding out who killed Thursby, Jacobi, and his partner Miles Archer. They already have a good circumstantial case against him because he was having an affair with Archer's wife and because he is involved with all the people responsible for killing Thursby, Jacobi and Archer. These would be Brigid, Gutman, and Wilmer Cook.

samjazael123 | Student

Yes people misuse money actually people can use money for immoral practices that can hurt us actually scandals of politician's that steal tax payer dollars for their corrupt needs. People I believe take the power of money for granted actually Jesus was betrayed for money in the bible. People have killed for money examples of the vikings sacking the british "Roman empire" is a huge example any book that has this argument is truly right a good book with this argument is "hly blood holy grail" which details societies like the knights templar which where very wealthy in fact where blamed for heresy or going against the church so after the church began to use this to their advantage and took all their land, valuables & secrets because of it.

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