What are commercial banks and what services do they offer?

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The commercial bank is also called business bank and its bank rules distinguish it from the institutions that provides assistance to individuals or corporations in raising the capital.

The functions performed by a commercial bank can be grouped into two broad categories: primary functions and secondary functions.

The primary function of a commercial bank is to provide loans to business and to accept different types of deposits.

The type of loans provided by the commercial banks are secured loans, such that mortgage loans and unsecured loans such that personal loans and bank overdrafts.

The secondary function performed of the commercial banks are utility and agency functions such that: money transfers, payment bill acceptance, credit and debit card provisions, aquire and sell securities.

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A commercial bank is one which provides services like accepting deposits from public, giving loans, locker facility, credit cards, debit cards, foreign exchange operations and so on.

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this are the ordinary banks that we see, they provide services like loans, bank account, atm, and the likes