What comic incident is related in Chapter 27 of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird?Also what are its functions?

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Chapter 27 isn't particularly funny for the most part, as some ominous foreshadowing begins to surface in the aftermath of Bob Ewell's trial.  Ewell gets a WPA job, loses it in a matter of a few days and openly blames Atticus, who, of course, had nothing to do with it; Judge Taylor hears a prowler in his home late one evening; and Ewell begins following Tom Robinson's widow, Helen, as she walks to work, whispering obscenities at her, and ceasing only when Link Deas threatens to have him arrested.  Atticus, ever faithful in the essential goodness of human nature, is nonplussed, but Alexandra expresses concern for his safety.  The comic relief that precedes the climactic final chapter involves Miss Grace Merriweather's agricultural pageant to be performed for the town on Halloween night.  Scout is representing Maycomb County pork, but falls asleep backstage in her unwieldy wire costume, leaving Miss Merriweather to call "Pooorrrkkkkk" with no Scout appearing.  She does finally wake up and tumbles onstage to her own embarrassment and the crowd's delight. 


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