In "The Death of Ivan Ilyich," what comical elements do you find in the account of the wake that Peter Ivanovich attends?

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The wake is described from the point of view of the character called Peter Ivanovich, who was a friend and colleague of Ivan Ilyich. The only comical elements are concerned with Peter Ivanovich's awkward behavior at the wake. He really doesn't know how one is supposed to behave, since he hasn't had much experience with such things. He knows he is supposed to make the sign of the cross on his forehead, shoulders, and chest, so he keeps doing that until he begins to feel ridiculous. Then Ivan Ilyich's widow asks him to talk with her in private in the drawing room. She pretends to be grieving, but it turns out that she only wants to question him about the possibility of her getting any more money from the government in the form of a larger pension or by any other means. Her husband was a highly placed judge, and she obviously believes she should have more compensation for all his years of government service.

The most comical element is in the description of the already awkward, embarrassed...

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