What comforting news does Odysseus relate to Achilles?

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On Circe's advice, Odysseus descends into Hades. He must visit the Underworld if he is to complete his journey home. There, he will seek out the blind prophet Tiresias, whose wise prophecies will guide him on his epic voyage.

Once he reaches Hades, Odysseus catches up with the ghost of the great Achaean warrior Achilles. Though a prince among the dead, Achilles is not exactly thrilled to be in Hades. He loudly laments his fate to Odysseus, claiming that he'd rather be a slave on earth than a king in the Underworld.

Fortunately, Odysseus has some good news for his former comrade-in-arms which will doubtless cheer him up. Achilles wanted to know about his son Neoptolemus and whether he'd gone to war and become a great soldier like his old man. Odysseus is happy to reassure Achilles that that is indeed the case. He relates Neoptolemus's numerous deeds of heroism on the field of battle, as well as the enormous courage he displayed inside the Trojan horse while all around him were shaking with fear.

Achilles is well-pleased to hear that Neoptolemus is a chip off the old block; he confidently strides off over a field of asphodel, exulting over the heroic feats of his son.

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