What comes to your mind or what is the meaning of this quote? "Wherever there's life, there's hope"

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This quote to me makes me think of some kind of desperate survival story where the people cling on to life no matter how bleak the situation becomes and refuse to yield to despair or depression. This quote captures the immense gift that life is and how even just the experience of living is something that is so rich and complex, no matter the circumstances that we are forced to endure. It makes me think of people who have suffered greatly but nonetheless have the determination to carry on living and hold on to the hope that as long as they are alive they have hope in a better future and changing their reality from suffering into satisfaction. It above all captures the relentless optimism in the human spirit and our determination to make things better. Death is an ending, but as long as we are still breathing, the show is not over yet.

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This quote, in basic words, means-no matter how bad or unusual the situation is-there is always hope there to guide you and encourage you. No matter how impossible it may seem there is always a spark of hope which can be ignited and used to solve the problem, or simply encourage you to keep trying as there is light in the dark cave.

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