What comes out behind the right door the princess pointed out in the story The Lady or the Tiger?

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Stockton does not reveal what waits behind that door; he leaves readers to come to their own...

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revolution | Student

Actually, it was clearly stated what is behind the two closed doors but he gives two other possibilities and scenarios to what was really behind these doors. He stated that behind one of the door, there could be a vicious tiger which would eat the captive alive and raw, which is seriously disastrous ending. The next alternative is meeting up with a beautiful lady, hand-picked by the glorious King, who will also be going to marry the accused right on the spot. The King was trying to play with the term of "uncertainty" and "probability" and outcomes can be limitless.

The choice of the lady was that the King had known that his dear daughter had been with a illicit affair with the commoner, which was the prisoner, so he got thrown into jail to wait for his judgement in the arena. But, they didn't give a clear idea what was really behind the right door, leaving the readers bewildered and guessing, letting the readers derive to their own conclusion of the story, giving it something of a "cliff-hanger". The narrator explains at the epilogue that the answer was that it

"involves a study of the human heart which leads us through devious mazes of passion, out of which it is difficult to find our way."

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desireaaa | Student

the author leaves you to decide that.

but i think its the tiger,

i think since the princess was "semi-barbaric" she let the jealousy take over and sent him to the door with the tiger 

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