What color is Joan wearing in the first scene of Saint Joan?

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In the first scene of Saint Joan, Joan is wearing red.

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Joan is wearing red in the first scene, and her attire is described as “respectable.” We are given a fairly detailed description of her appearance when she appears in the doorway. Her eyes are set far apart and are “bulging.” She is clearly a girl with a fighting spirit. She approaches the ill-tempered squire of Baudricourt confidently and in a manner that implies that she means to get her way. Since “waving a red flag” is said to draw attention to a problem or to be an act of annoying someone, it could be argued that Joan’s red attire is a proverbial red flag, because Robert is not pleased to see her in the slightest.

She announces that she has been sent by her Lord, and on further questioning, her Lord is revealed to be the king of heaven. This leads Robert to declare the girl mad, which does not bother the “impatient but friendly” Joan in the slightest. She is not even perturbed when Robert issues a not-so-veiled threat that she should be locked up and have the madness “thrashed” out of her. Joan proceeds to ask for sixteen francs to procure a horse. She assures him that she does not need tailor-made armor nor “many soldiers.” Joan assures Robert that he will go to paradise and be remembered by God for his troubles. This does not change Robert’s opinion that Joan is quite mad.

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