Describe the Finch home in To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Additional details about the Finch home in To Kill a Mockingbird:

  • The Finch house is a single-story home with high ceilings and, apparently, only one bathroom (not unusual for homes of the time).
  • There are swinging doors which lead from the dining room into the kitchen.
  • The children have a treehouse with a rope ladder in the back yard where they occasionally sleep on hot, summer nights. It "rested between giant twin chinaberry trees."
  • There are fireplaces in many of the rooms, including both Jem's and Scout's bedrooms.
  • The home has an office, where "Atticus would flee... directly after dinner" and read from his swivel chair.
  • A wisteria grows on the corner of the front porch.
  • The home had a "carhouse" (garage) where Atticus' Chevrolet was parked. The driveway had a wall that led to Miss Rachel's side yard.
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Atticus, his children, and Calpurnia lived on the main residential street in town, a town which Scout describes as a "tired old town when I first knew it."  There was a town square, an old courthouse, red clay roads, and grass growing up through the sidewalk cracks.  Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose lived two doors north, the Radleys, three doors south, and Mrs. Rachel Haverford and her collard patch directly next door, which is where the children first encounter Dill.  The Finch home has an enclosed porch in the back, where the children sleep in the summer, and an open front porch with a swing.  Scout and Jem have adjoining bedrooms, and there is a guest bedroom where Aunt Alexandra stays when she comes to town. 

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